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1) Is the Baseline Electrical System Tester only for aircraft wiring?
No. BEST can inspect any wiring system.

2) How does the Baseline Electrical System Tester connect to a wiring harness?
BEST is connected prior to inspecting using an adapter.

3) Do I have to connect one wire at a time?
No. BEST will scan all wires attached to the connector being tested.

D3 Information Recorder
1) Is the D3FIR deployable or crash survivable?
D3FIR is crash survivable.

2) Why is the D3FIR crash survivable?
Weight equates to fuel in the world of aircraft . A product becomes easier to sell when it offers greater functionality and less weight. For such reasons, D3FIR has been developed as an advanced information management system, designed to be a form, fit and function replacement for obsolete crash survivable recorders.

Sentient Wiring System
1) Why would I replace my existing wiring with Sentient Wiring?
Aging wiring systems are prone to failure. The SWS serves two purposes: to inspect the wiring system for damage and to monitor the signals flowing through the wiring. SWS has the added advantage of weighing 30% less than the wiring it replaces.

Sentient Situation Awarenes
1) Is Sentient Situation Awareness just for prognostic health management?
No. Sentient Situation Awareness is a general purpose probabilistic modelling toolkit. The toolkit can be used for a range of applications, such as command and control, PHM and decision support.