JeepGround Vehicles
Management Sciences, Inc. (MSI) has several decades of experience designing and developing diagnostic and prognostic health management solutions for military ground vehicles. Such solutions include condition-based management for proactive maintenance on trucks and detecting water and potential degradation in a gear system on amphibious vehicles.


Management Sciences, Inc. has developed a number of embedded intelligence systems that combine our hardware and software products and solutions for monitoring, diagnosing and predicting the health and remaining functional life of critical aerospace subsystems. Prognostic Health Management (PHM) technologies provide operators and maintainers detailed alerts and status updates when critical components are starting to degrade, as well as approximate the remaining useful life of these high value systems.


CollectiveProblemSolvingCollective Problem Solving
DARPA has assigned MSI a mission to develop a framework which shall enable a large number people to collectively solve complex problems. The ePluribus Solver shall carry out the task by providing the tools and incentives needed to enable and encourage large groups of problem-solvers to:

1. Decompose complex problems into manageable components
2. Asynchronously provide solutions to these sub-problems
3. Aggregate the proposed solutions to form a collective solution integrating all significant points of view.

The framework will be applicable to domains, such as military decision-making, policymaking and disaster response.


Medical and Health Assessment
As a leader in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), MSI is developing a wearable medical assessment device that is able to monitor the status of healthy to critical patients. The eResponder device shall mimic medical caregiver algorithms to determine the patient’s condition and, given changing vitals, provide a prognosis. Like many of our innovative applications, the eResponder will utilize our embedded AI technologies.